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Inquiring Minds…

Answers to the following questions should be of interest to every American, regardless of their political beliefs.

(1) Why does Comey get to illegally disclose classified info (his memos) for his stated purpose of precipitating the hiring of a SC and voila; it happens. But when elected members of the HOR call for a SC to investigate the many allegations of corruption within the DOJ, FBI and the Obama admin, in general, nothing happens?

(2) What prevents POTUS from hiring a SC, a DOJ-czar, perhaps?

(3) Do Strzok, Page, McCabe, Ohr still have security clearances and if so, why?

(4) Was anyone at the FBI/DOJ aware of the Strzok/Page affair and if so, why wasn’t this enough of a reason to demote and strip them both of their security clearance?

(5) If the many connections to Democrats/Clintons in the Mueller team do not form a prima facie case for dismissing these people on conflicts of interest and ethical grounds, why does the AG need to recuse himself from any of these investigations? In other words, why is he not given the same benefit of the doubt on being ethical? In the one instance, it appears that we have this cadaverous cock (Mueller) and his team answerable to absolutely no one and in the other we have an AG who, theoretically anyway, is. So, why is it okay for the person without any proper oversight (yes, there’s Rosenstein but he may well be part of a conspiracy as well as being friends with both Comey and Mueller) allowed to have these ethical issues and the person who is subject to all kinds of oversight can’t even have the “appearance” of an ethical problem? While one of these persons can be “corrected,” the other is free to be a totally unchecked zealot?

(6) How was Mueller allowed to stack his team with a sundry, sordid list of Democrat party affiliates and hacks? Is there anyone at DOJ who had oversight of this? If yes, how did these people get past the obvious conflicts of interest? Who is in charge of the “Senior Ethics Committee” at the DOJ?

(7) If Rosenstein is named in the House memo as being part of the cabal that was involved with the Steele dossier, would AG Sessions still proclaim him to be, “a man of integrity and ability”?

(8) Since the AG has been cleared of any wrongdoing in “meeting” with Russians, what prevents him from unrecusing himself and taking control over the out-of-control DOJ?

(9) Is there an ongoing investigation, in light of released text messages, into violations of the Hatch Act, at minimum? If not, why not?

(10) Why doesn’t some HOR committee subpoena Chuck Schumer and ask him, in an open session, to explain to the American people what he meant when he said, “You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” If this is true, exactly what country is this anymore? This is the Senate Minority Leader speaking about the Intel Community and POTUS! (Note: (a) we’d expect some journalist to ask Schumer this question but it will obviously never happen and (b) he said this on national TV so, it should be fair game to ask him to explain what he meant.)

(11) Imagine that AG Sessions is still a Senator, what does anyone believe he’d say about: (1) releasing the House memo and (2) the apparent corruption at the DOJ/FBI? Would a principled, ethical man, which I believe he is, not have the exact same position as AG? He apparently doesn’t, why?

(12) There should be no doubt that the lack of proper oversight by the Republican held Congress over the DOJ/FBI and the Obama admin, in general, led to the abuses we are now seeing a glimpse of; this, because these people are nothing but posturing pussies who were scared shitless because of Obama’s skin color and the potential onslaught of the despicable media. Now, this collection of balls-less buffoons have suddenly rediscovered their power, launching various Russia- collusion investigations (still finding nothing) and are protective of the aforementioned cadaverous cock. Is it not also likely that key members of Congress, if not all, were compromised by the politicized DOJ/FBI? This would certainly explain item 9 and Mad Maxine Waters’ statement that Obama had (or has) a database on everyone. Why hasn’t she been asked to explain this, as well? (By the way, does anyone know if this woman can spell the word “impeach”?). Who else in Congress knows about this supposed database? Would anyone ever ask Mueller what he knows about blackmailing CJ John Roberts? As he was FBI Director under Eric Holder and Obama, Mueller probably knows and has the goods to blackmail many in Congress because the source of the material would have been the FBI – those who now vocally support him (particularly in the Republican party) are most suspect.

(13) How is it that the CIA was able to hack the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee and what if anything was the consequence for this?

(14) When Mueller asked to “interview” POTUS, shouldn’t his lawyers have argued that he would agree to the interview if the DOJ rules that Mueller is actually performing an investigation ethically, per CFR §600.7(c)*? In the current climate, given what’s known about the activities of the FBI/DOJ and in light of item 5 (above), it’d be astonishing if they make this claim. It’s interesting to note that while no one looked into or asked about Mueller’s conflicts of interest with respect to Comey, he was cleared of any potential conflicts with respect to Manafort and Kushner as his law firm represents (or represented) these folks.

(15) It’s now clear that the Obama DOJ/FBI went rogue because it’s what the prick-tator wanted; the question is, would it be allowed to remain so? It certainly will if Sessions doesn’t assert control over the Department. To do this, he ought to undertake an immediate review of all communications, on all government issued equipment, three or four levels down at both the DOJ and FBI and he ought to either request the help of the IG or Chris Christie to get this done. If any violations of the Hatch Act or the DOJ’s guidelines on ethics and standards are found then the person(s) involved must be disciplined according to existing DOJ guidelines. Hopefully, being terminated, asked to resign or be reassigned to some remote location are all possibilities.

(16) Is the DOJ not a part of the Executive Branch of our government? The Senate’s role is to “advise and consent” on nominees to the AG position but they don’t get to decide on whom shall remain in the position. In the present circumstances, several key Senators have indicated that they will not perform their “advise and consent” role if AG Sessions is fired. Why? Is this not tantamount to aiding and abetting the DOJ’s recalcitrant behavior with respect to cooperating with Congress’ investigations? Don’t RINOs always tell us that the President gets to decide on whom he’d like to serve him/the country and that these people are entitled to a vote, blah, blah, blah? Why then, in this particular case, do they choose to hobble the President?

I believe that answers to the above would be a good start to understanding what’s going on right now. There are probably even more important questions and I have no doubt that answers to the above would prompt even more questions. The ultimate one is, do we live in a Constitutional Republic any more?

* https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=752d8a7e7010c0671a9e36136f925167&mc=true&node=se28.2.600_17&rgn=div8


So, Let’s Say You Are Vladimir Putin…

(1) you successfully exploited the corruptness of the Clinton’s and the Obama regime and corrupted a once excellent investigative agency, the FBI

(2) you have enriched yourself, your friends and yes, the corrupted classes in the US government

(3) you enjoyed Obama’s “flexibility” in which he “colluded” with you against his country

(4) so you invaded Crimea, destabilize Ukraine and flex your muscles because you have the goods on these people

(5) who would you rather have in the White House, someone you can continue to blackmail or some total outsider? Tough choice. By the way, this choice is probably why you DID NOT release Hillary’s missing emails which you accessed.

(6) you are now sitting back and LY(our)FAO at the utter bullcrap that is the so-called “Russia collusion” investigation, the people who instigated it and the people who are leading it; you and your comrades can’t believe just how stupid some people are

(7) you’ll acknowledge that Pravda of the USSR has nothing over the US media

(8) you marvel at how far the left in the US has moved towards what your country has found out doesn’t work and had to abandon as a viable system of government

(9) you think about the “Russian dossier” and wonder why anyone would give a crap, even if the allegations were true, but then you realize that it was a tool, an excuse, to monitor enemies of the regime and again you LYFAO

(10) you are now wondering how much longer the lone superpower will last as the left seeks to destroy it from within.


No one has asked me but, Mueller and Rosenstein ought to be railroaded out of DC and along with Comey, Holder and Hillary (and even Obama, if anyone has the stomach for it) be disbarred from the practice of law, forever. Needless to say, their potential criminal actions ought to be fully investigated, exposed and prosecuted.


They Have Nothing On Him…

To anyone who has the ability to critically analyze what’s been going on in this country over the last few months (so, the media, Democrat party leaders, many celebrities and a good deal of the rank-and-file followers of all of the parties preceding are excluded) it should be obvious that:

(1) the reason Obama and his people spied on Mr. Trump was, simply, to find some dirt on him that would have been leaked to the press in order to damage his candidacy. The “prick-tator” himself was so certain that they’d find something on Mr. Trump, it was the reason he and many surrogates in the donkey party and the media (yes, some of whom were likely in on it) were running about proclaiming with certitude that Mr. Trump will “never” be President.

(2) by their very (in)action, it is clear that the charge of Russian collusion is utter and complete bullcrap, why? Because if it were true, Obama’s minions would have leaked it prior to November, 8th with the intent being, again, to influence voters.

(3) Obama was obviously aware of what was going on here and it was the reason why, with days remaining in office, he authorized the exchange of intelligence between the various agencies. He knew.

The following piece was true when it was written and almost on a daily basis now, we are finding out how much so: https://mononymous1.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/the-broken-windows-theory-now-applies-to-government/

It’ll be no surprise if, some time from now, we learn that a good deal of the Washington, D.C. elites and power brokers (in Congress, the media, etc.) were covertly spied upon under Obama’s direction. We already know of James Rosen and the Senate Intelligence Committee. This may well include Chief Justice John Roberts and it will certainly explain his Obamacare decision. In short, we may find that a number of these people have been or could have been threatened with blackmail. It will be no surprise if we find out that Obama’s spying on Mr. Trump actually began when the latter was talking about the former’s birth certificate issue. This is what tin-pot dictators do.

It’d seem to me that, if the Russians really wanted to influence our elections, they would have released, through Wikileaks, for example, the 30-33K missing Hillary Clinton emails; it is very likely that they and others, have them (I was once involved with a small business and its servers were routinely attacked; is there anyone out there who actually believes that her private servers were not hacked?). Why haven’t these emails been leaked? Because they can be leveraged and only God knows what would have happened to this country and its interests if Mrs. Clinton was elected.

To conclude, what can we expect going forward? Well, Congress is on the case, actually, they are on their high horse, as usual. When was the last time any of their so-called “investigation” resulted in anything, anything? For example, is that known lying sack of excrement, Susan Rice, likely to go to jail (along with some of her underlings)? Don’t think so. Her primary exemption, of course, is her race. And with Republicans in charge, well; “it’s not who we are…” as Obama would say. However, what we were under his administration was nothing but a third world country with first world means and for Democrats, the ends justified the means.

So, Rep. Gowdy (R-SC), If “Comprehensive” is Latin…

for “lots of bad stuff” in legislation; what is “Omnibus” if not damn near the same? Therefore, can the American people count on you to show some leadership and oppose the current omnibus spending bill that will continue to fund “lots of bad stuff” including Obamacare and whatever “amnesty” is pending? Sir, just demand that we follow the usual but now forgotten process of passing separate appropriations bills and let the Senate fail to act or let the president veto them. It is clear that the public will support the House’s actions if the reasons are made clear.


Reference interview/video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqO1VdrS7kc