“Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out”

To tweak Timothy Leary’s famous “turn on, tune in, drop out” for these times, let me suggest that we “turn off, tune out, drop out.”

Therefore, to the extent possible:

“Turn off” any programming or any commercial activity that is a forum that enables the left to continue their relentless attack against our values, our country and yes, our choice for President. If one is interested in a particular sport, for example, get together with friends and play the game.

“Tune out” all noise, sloganeering, voices and virtue signaling that come from the various groups that, again, routinely attack us, our way of life, our country. Spend the time with family and friends; get a new hobby.

“Drop out” of any economic activity that enables the left and their elitist comrades to continue to do well with your support and at your expense. Support local businesses and avoid companies that sponsor or otherwise support the economic activities of organizations or causes that you do not support.

America first! Let’s see what happens.


The DACA Caca…

It’d seem to me that anyone who has an interest in seeing that the laws of this country are not only enforced but simply followed, would also be for ending prick-tator Obama’s illegal DACA program. It’s not very surprising that an assorted number of RINOs have suddenly come out in support of maintaining the program. This, in spite of their one-time, supposed objection to Obama’s betrayal of his oath of office and his circumvention of Congress.

If the program doesn’t end, many (Democrats, RINOs) will argue that “early childhood arrivals” include anchor babies and the entire matter as to whether or not children born here of parents who are not US citizens or permanent residents will be considered “settled” law; by executive fiat! As I recall, Mr. Trump, during the campaign, argued that the anchor babies issue was not settled and never litigated. As a consequence, we’d expect the administration’s announcement today to end Obama’s DACA program. Period.