Amnesty? Refugees? What’s the difference? Democrats Will Grow Their Base…

Suffering, perhaps temporarily, the setback of an injunction against executive amnesty; the administration is moving full speed ahead with its plans for refugees. Who knows what the actual intake will be before this is all done but missing from the equation is the untold number that will also arrive, subsequently, as derivative beneficiaries of those granted status (see here:

Unlike the folks entering across the southern border, refugees, once they’ve been admitted into the country and have stayed for a year, automatically qualify to adjust status to become permanent residents. From this point on, they are on a glide path to becoming US citizens in five years which then allows for another round of possible “chain” sponsorship of relatives and thus even more immigrants will flow. By its very nature, refugee status produces the same results as amnesty and for the Democrat party and assorted RINOS, the happy outcome they seek. The difference, however, is that no executive or unilateral action is needed – current laws allow this. One wonders if, as we write this, DHS and USCIS are figuring out just how to declare all illegals in the country refugees (or at minimum, the ones who’ve been arriving since Summer 2014, supposedly fleeing strife in Latin America).

Any reform of current immigration law MUST end chain immigration by moving away from that based entirely on “family reunification.” A realistic and beneficial solution is one in which family unity is limited to spouse and minor children with all other family sponsorship being based on a points system of which “family reunification” is a minor aspect; points will be primarily awarded on an educational background and experience or skill basis. Until there is reform (not likely under this President) fundamental transformation will proceed, country and the will of its citizens be damned; unabated and abetted by a Congress that has long since given up on the concepts of checks and balances and being a co-equal branch.


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