Would Anyone Utter These Words?

Any candidate for president or even the nomination, that is…

(1) I intend to go to Washington D.C. not to build up its powers but to tear it down and release the shackles that have for over 50 years slowly but surely bound the American people. The only power to be projected from Washington will be on the international stage.

(2) How unfortunate, how revolutionary an act it is that the preservation of the political system established by the constitution of the United States should be entrusted to the maggots that currently infest the political class. If lesser men have ever existed in history it is only right that their names have been forgotten or else associated with abject surrender.

(3) When these same men surrender on the concept of co-equal branches of government and the inherent checks and balances it offers; what else would they not surrender?

(4) The exceptionalism we often hear about our country was created by some white men; it’s history, it’s in the past, get over it. They were not perfect but what they handed down to us was the closest the world has ever come to a perfect system of governance. The left’s relentless attack on our country is simple; it is on the one hand to gleefully distribute the fruit borne out of our exceptionalism to buy and thus enable the political power to uproot the very same fruit-bearing tree. It has become imperative that we confront, defeat and roll back these efforts.

(5) In order to return our country to what it was intended to be, I will lead the effort to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution. The former will also lead, necessarily, to a simpler revenue system and the latter to the original intent and a purer form of republican representation. Senators were not meant to lord over us as creatures of the federal government or of a party but rather of the states.

(6) On the subject of the constitution, I also intend to lead an effort to reform the electoral college by awarding votes based on congressional districts won in the various states rather than the winner-takes-all we currently and mostly have. It is my view that this reform would be most in keeping with the original intent of our system of government.

(7) Regulations are the tentacles by which unelected bureaucrats reach deep into every aspect of our lives and pocketbooks and it’s permitted because the Congress either does not provide enough guidance or simply does not care about the means used to an end. Once again, they abdicate on their responsibilities and delegate their powers to department heads and political appointees. In courthouses across this country there are constant disputes about the “intent of Congress” and I say, they must do a better job of making intent clear during the comment period by holding hearings on published regulations.

(8) We did not defeat socialists, communists and fascists abroad only to surrender to them here at home.

(9) At a time when trans-this and trans-that is all the rage, let me be the first to say that I intend to be the first trans-party president. It is self-evident that the apparatus of our two party system is used by a powerful few to force conformity of thought and action to the same predetermined outcomes. In this process, a government of, by and for the people has long ceased to be.

(10) In industry, one often hears of “disruptive” technologies or ideas, at no time ever does one hear this about government. Let me propose a few; I will use every tool at my disposal and work with congress to devolve the powers of the departments of education and energy, the EPA and HUD to the states; just to start.

(11) The notion that government can force equality of outcome should be rightfully derided as the delusional nonsense it is for any government that is capable of doing this will be a tyrannical beast. We’re all born in equality with freedom of choice and the desire for liberty; it is when government gets involved in our lives that these are eroded.

(12) I will not pander to hyphenated Americans; we are all Americans and my message is simply that what is good for one American must be necessarily good for all Americans and therefore the country as a whole.

(13) We’ve been told that we need illegal immigrants in our country because they are here doing “jobs Americans wouldn’t do.” How is it excusable, how is it acceptable, how is it not discriminatory, to the supposedly most humane people on the left, that we’d define and designate a group of people to do “jobs Americans wouldn’t do.” How is this not modern day slavery and why would Americans not do these jobs; is there something superior about us? I will submit to you that the reason there are jobs Americans wouldn’t do is because the social welfare state has made unemployment a “job” too many are willing to do.

(14) Imagine what might be if the current administration worked as assiduously as it has on enforcing our existing laws rather than in figuring out ways around them to issue social security numbers, green cards and amnesty to some. Is it not criminals who’d operate in this manner and to the detriment of their country and the very laws they swore to uphold?

(15) With regard to the sweeping collection of our phone data; we’ve been told, it’s meaningless “metadata.” If this is true, why is it collected at all? Why are we afraid to collect data by profiling rather than pretend that everyone of us is a potential terrorist?

(16) The people who would have us believe that they are the premier proponents of science lose all credibility when they also ask us to believe that XX chromosomes can miraculously become XY and vice-versa by elective surgery.

(17) If we must believe that they are “born that way” and if we accept evolutionary theory, adaptation, in particular, could any of the true science believers explain, what, precisely, are the conditions to which gays are adapting? Is it not settled science, observable by even the most obtuse among us, that males and females is the most natural order? Make no mistake, these people have every right to be who they are or want to be and similarly, the rest of us should have the exact same right or are there some of us more equal than others? Our objection then is that the cudgel of the government is used to force and coerce acceptance of these lifestyles and this unquestionably, is robbing us of our freedom.

(18) Recently, we were told that the confederate flag is a symbol of hate and an incitement to murder. Would it be illogical to ask those who have advanced this theory whether or not the Quran (see Chapter 5:33) is similarly responsible for Islamic terrorism or would this only expose their hypocrisy?

(19) The reduced argument for man-caused climate change or global warming or whatever leftists want to call it and it depends on what’s observable at any given moment; is that we need fewer people on earth. So, the next time someone suggests that we need to curb our activities, the right and proper response would be to accept the notion and propose a solution as follows: suggest they lead by example, help the rest of us, the planet and their cause by being euthanized. If it’d help, make a promise to consider following their lead.

(20) There are many among us who believe that government is the solution to all of our problems and that it is benevolent. These past few years should fundamentally dispel this notion but of course it wouldn’t.

(21) If the government is indeed benevolent, why do we need public sector unions? Does the benevolence not trickle down to excellent labor relations, proper working conditions and pay for these people? These unions need to be abolished.

(22) No institution receiving federal funding shall be allowed to make campaign contributions to any party or candidate for elected office. History tells us that this practice is nothing less than quid-pro-quo, racketeering and the fact that it is typical that one or the other of the two parties is the usual beneficiary while the other acts as an enabler should really remind us that there is little difference among the political class.

(23) Why does anyone cede the moral high ground to the left on issue after issue? Why is it generally accepted and why are we continually fed the propaganda that these people “care” more about everything than anyone else? No group of people or organization that supports abortion on demand should be allowed to claim the moral high ground on any subject. They must be constantly reminded of this. Period.

(24) We need to have a 21st century voting system which will also lead to all votes being cast on the same day except for absentee ballots. But more importantly, we need to institute a system that demands proper voter identification. If there is a sacredness associated with the ability of someone without an ID to vote then the same sacredness applies to those who do have an ID and both must demand that their vote is not diluted by those who are not allowed to vote. Therefore, we will work with the states to establish a viable and cost-free for the poor means for identification for voting purposes. The preservation of our country relies entirely on this change.