The “Broken Windows” Theory – Now Applies to Government

(From 1/27/2014.)

There are other ways to say this, e.g., a fish rots from its head, but given the lawlessness involved, the “broken windows” theory is most applicable.  Why?  It started at the top, the current administration has set the tone for what now appears to be the “new normal.”  Enemies lists have been developed and across this great country, every politician – mostly Democrats, have been given a license to do whatever it is they want or feel like doing to their political enemies; revenge, payback, whatever it is.  If, at the federal level, they take back the House of Representatives, we have seen nothing yet.  There are some differences between the two parties; a key one is the fact that the Democrats know how to wield power and the Republicans, well, they just want to get along.  If, for example, the shoe were on the other foot on passing Obamacare, there is absolutely no way the Republicans would have done it in the manner in which Pelosi and Reid passed that bill.  They are spineless.  Instead of having Ted Kennedy (as a Republican) write his “No Child Left Behind” bill, George W. Bush (as a Democrat) would have abolished the Education Department, if this is something he wanted to do.  It’s just the way it is; Democrats use the power they have to advance their odious agenda and Republicans just try, in vain, to make nice.  This is precisely why the battles over the last 60 + years are being lost to the progressives even if the people remain largely opposed to the direction in which it takes the country.

So here we are.  The lawlessness of the Obama administration has been well documented; no one does anything.  This then trickles down to the rest of the government and we have Chuck Schumer actually calling for the stifling of dissent by using the powers of the IRS – something, the President once called “outrageous” but then and again, nothing happened.  Next, we have Chris Christie’s people seemingly exacting revenge on their enemies; in this one instance (and we all know why), the subpoenas are flying.  And then there are the generalissimos of New York, the self-appointed arbiters of how and what the population of an entire state and city should think.  The Governor, who has referred to anyone who dares to hold a different opinion on the issues of abortion, gay marriage and the second amendment as “extremists,” and the Mayor of NYC who agrees with him 100%.  In keeping with the broken windows theory, it’d seem that the latter exacted his own revenge on the people of the UES of Manhattan because they dared to not vote for him.  Again, there’s nothing to be done or seen here.  Next, we’ll be hearing about trains out of NY with passengers on their way to a gulag some where; it’s the fascists’ way.

There was a time when liberals would run around mouthing the words, “I disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend your right to say it…”  Like all the qualifications we missed on Obama’s various lies, there is one here too; “I disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend your right to say it…until I can make you shut up!”  This, from the folks who talk about inclusiveness, diversity, peace, love and all that other good crap.  It wasn’t that long ago that to them, “dissent was the highest form of patriotism” except, maybe, for paying taxes.  Now, dissent is extremists and they’ll use the force of government to ruin your life in whatever way possible in order to shut it down.  This is un-American and tyrannical.

All of this lawless behavior from a president who threatens to rule by executive authority with a willing and able cabal of bureaucrats to carry out his every whim and what does the House want to do?  Work with him on amnesty knowing full well that no matter what they compromise on to make law; the president, as he has demonstrated with Obamacare, will ignore, postpone or use executive/administrative authority to either override or thwart the law.  Why do these people even work with him?  What they should be doing is drawing up articles of impeachment which, should they retain the House, follow up on next year and let the chips fall where they may.  As our government is now making examples of some of us who dare to speak up in opposition, we need to make an example of what should happen to presidents who have become lawless: impeachment.  Otherwise, the broken windows theory dictates that lawlessness will continue to spread like a cancer across this country.