The Bogus Amnesty Demographic Argument

by mononymous1

The reason this is a bogus argument Is shown in the simplest form in the pie chart following.  Anyone, particularly a Republican, who does not understand what this means should probably not be in public office.  The question to ask these Republicans is: if you manage to get 30% of the amnesty vote, where do you think the remainder will go?


The last amnesty under President Reagan resulted in what demographic voting trend towards the Republican party?  How did that amnesty affect voting patterns of the beneficiaries?  It should be plainly obvious that the Republican party will not receive any demographic benefit from amnesty and even if it does, it will pale in comparison to what the donkey party will receive (see pie chart).  For generations, the progeny of amnesty beneficiaries will sing praises to President Obama and lock-step vote for the Democrat party – the media will see to this; schools will probably teach it and the resulting green cards/naturalization certificates will probably have Obama’s image on it.

So, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Prince Priapus (er, Reince Priebus), Lindsay Graham, et al, where would 70% or more of the amnesty votes go and what would it mean to your party and more importantly, to your country?  Look no further than CA and NY to see where we are headed…

The message these twits ought to focus on is restoring the constitutional rights of all, fostering an environment that allow each person to fulfill their “American dream” and in general, getting the government out of our affairs.  Appealing to certain groups, giving preferential treatment to others and rewarding law breakers is not the solution to winning votes.

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