Fake News For CNN…How HRC’s Questioning by The FBI Happened…


Location: Washington, D.C.

Enter HRC and Huma Abedin; already in the room are two FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Agent P.

HRC: Good morning, gentlemen. So glad you can accommodate us here today.

Strzok: Good morning, Madam President. You are most welcome. I am so glad to meet you face to face; it’s been a dream and a true honor.

HRC: Of course. See if they are wearing any wires, Huma.

Abedin: Do I have to? Can’t we trust them?

HRC: Trust but verify! Search them and if you won’t, I will just have them strip so we can see what Lisa gets that’s so good. Well?

Abedin: Fine. It’s bad enough having to look at Anthony’s weiner much less his!

(She pats down Strzok and Agent P.) They are clean.

Strzok: You know, that felt good! We should do it again!

HRC: Shut up! Let’s get on with this. Agent P. go make us some coffee. Make sure you roast and grind the beans real slooooow, catch my drift?

Agent P.: Jawohl! I mean, yes, Madam President! (He leaves the room.)

HRC: Peter, on my way over here, I remembered a certain nursery rhyme. Want to hear my version of it?

Strzok: Why, yes, Madam President!

HRC: Say it Huma!

Abedin: I can’t remember it very well!

HRC: What the f$#k! It’s a nursery rhyme, how can you not remember it?

Abedin: But it rolls off your masterful tongue so much better, Madam President!

HRC: Don’t patronize me or I’ll have you sleeping with Anthony again!

Abedin: Please, not in front of the help!

HRC: Okay, okay! Peter, you listen and listen well, got it?

Strzok: Yes, Madam President!

HRC (clears her throat): Peter, Peter, conspirator
With many others and a lover
Peter may have to go to jail
Where he’ll be loved without fail!

Strzok (clapping but looking somewhat worried): Excellent! Most excellent! Ma’am!

HRC: See here Peter, you’ll do what I say and from here on out you’ll be most favored! Understand?

Strzok: Absolutely, yes!

HRC: Now, did you bring Comey’s draft?

Strzok: Yes!
(Gives her a document.)

HRC (reads document, shaking her head as she does so. Done, she clears her throat.): We are going to have a few fixes her, Peter. You know what “gross negligence” here suggests?

Strzok: Something criminal?

HRC: That’s right, Peter. Smart boy! Now why would anybody suggest that I’m a criminal when my f$#king opponent is that tasteless loser? You’ve got the guaranteed loser part figured out, right?

Strzok: An insurance policy against that douche winning, yes, Ma’am!

HRC: What do you know about douches, Peter?

Strzok: Nothing, Madam President, it’s just an expression.

HRC: I see! Well, we’re going to have to fix this draft, just like I said! It will take me some time to get it right. Understood?

Strzok: Yes, Ma’am.

HRC: Now, about my electronic devices, they’ve been destroyed?

Strzok: Naturally!

HRC: And they weren’t any attempts to read them?

Strzok: None whatsoever!

HRC: Good, good!

Strzok: It’s highly commendable that Madam President knows what questions to ask!

HRC: You don’t actually believe the stuff you see on Fox News do you?

Strzok: Why, no, Madam President; of course not! But that clip about wiping servers with a cloth or something…

HRC: What the f$#k are you doing watching that channel anyway? I knew it! I knew it! I can’t trust anyone!

Strzok: But Ma’am…

HRC: Don’t f#$king but me…I said that to fool all those deplorables and Walmart shoppers…you know the people I am talking about! They eat up this crap just like they buy into the missing emails being about doing yoga and Chelsea’s wedding! Don’t you get it?

Strzok: Yes, yes! I do! That Gruber guy was right!

HRC: Damned right he was! Don’t you ever, ever question my judgment again. Understand?

Strzok: Yes! Madam President, there’s another pressing matter?

HRC: And that is?

Strzok: Bernie Sanders, Ma’am. What do you want to do to keep his mind right?

HRC: Don’t worry about that old fool! I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. We’ve got it covered.

Strzok: I’m sorry to have to bring this up, Madam President but as I understand it, Loretta stays put as AG, Comey as Director, McCabe as Deputy and, and…

HRC: I know, I know. They are too many good people to mention. Look, I take care of my friends. Under my administration I intend to form a very, very, special, elite, unit, you may get to lead it!

Strzok: Inside the FBI?

HRC: Out of the White House! Ever heard of the Gestapo, Peter?

Strzok: Don’t compare us to them, yet, Madam President. We aspire, that’s all!

HRC: I know. But there’s our model. If these right wing motherf$#kers think Lois Lerner was a big deal; they’ll soon get straightened out!

Strzok: I’m so looking forward to it! Bravo!

HRC: What else do we have to talk about to make this look good, Peter? Want to hear about my grandkids?

Strzok: Why, yes! Absolutely!

(Four hours or so later, HRC and Huma Abedin leaves. Coffee was never served; Agent P. never re-entered the room.)


So, Let’s Say You Are Vladimir Putin…

(1) you successfully exploited the corruptness of the Clinton’s and the Obama regime and corrupted a once excellent investigative agency, the FBI

(2) you have enriched yourself, your friends and yes, the corrupted classes in the US government

(3) you enjoyed Obama’s “flexibility” in which he “colluded” with you against his country

(4) so you invaded Crimea, destabilize Ukraine and flex your muscles because you have the goods on these people

(5) who would you rather have in the White House, someone you can continue to blackmail or some total outsider? Tough choice. By the way, this choice is probably why you DID NOT release Hillary’s missing emails which you accessed.

(6) you are now sitting back and LY(our)FAO at the utter bullcrap that is the so-called “Russia collusion” investigation, the people who instigated it and the people who are leading it; you and your comrades can’t believe just how stupid some people are

(7) you’ll acknowledge that Pravda of the USSR has nothing over the US media

(8) you marvel at how far the left in the US has moved towards what your country has found out doesn’t work and had to abandon as a viable system of government

(9) you think about the “Russian dossier” and wonder why anyone would give a crap, even if the allegations were true, but then you realize that it was a tool, an excuse, to monitor enemies of the regime and again you LYFAO

(10) you are now wondering how much longer the lone superpower will last as the left seeks to destroy it from within.


No one has asked me but, Mueller and Rosenstein ought to be railroaded out of DC and along with Comey, Holder and Hillary (and even Obama, if anyone has the stomach for it) be disbarred from the practice of law, forever. Needless to say, their potential criminal actions ought to be fully investigated, exposed and prosecuted.


The Weinstein Revelations…

Things that have become clearer from the Weinstein affair:

(1) in their ideal world, Hollywood is a model of what the left would like this country to be; a world in which the rich, elites have control over and manipulate every aspect of our lives.

(2) socialism/communism is a natural consequence of their belief in (1); one only needs to look at the Venezuelan model to see what happens if they succeed and to a certain degree, folks like Weinstein have successfully implemented the Venezuelan model within the Hollywood sphere.

(3) it is possible that the many leftists in Hollywood are guilt-ridden and try to compensate for their “success” because they know that the industry is basically a racket with the highest possible barriers to entry. In a way, these people deserve to be pitied for selling their body and soul for essentially, fame and all its perks.

(4) there is nothing in that place that is based on a meritocracy unless the merit was to have slept with someone in power. If women with family in the business and presumably with access, like Paltrow, Jolie and Sorvino had to face these kinds of abuses one can only imagine what a truly talented nobody from Kansas has to deal with.

(5) it is hard to imagine how anyone who holds truly conservative values (a) can find work in that place and (b) even wants to be there.

(6) the reflexive hatred of all things conservative or even RINO-ish by the Hollywood/showbiz crowd is most likely due to the belief that they will be judged unfavorably by anyone who does not share their predilections, natural or unnatural. A conservative in Hollywood must be what they portray garlic or a crucifix is to Dracula. That place is, to an extreme degree, a very very exclusive club, a cult, to which street cred is gained by attacking anyone who disagrees with their world view.

(7) the outrage last fall to candidate Trump’s “locker room” talk wasn’t because he expressed it but because some of the women (Judd) who made the loudest objections to it identified with what he said.

(8) the porn industry, in some ways, is more honest as everyone knows what price will be paid to whom and for what purposes.

(9) Hillary, Obama and others in the Democrat party claiming to be “shocked” by these disclosures are as laughable as the suggestion that Hillary’s missing emails were about yoga (seriously, does anyone believe this woman does yoga?). Frankly, I’d not be surprised if they’ve blackmailed many in Hollywood to do their bundling.

(10) finally, unfortunately, the political class in this country share some of the exact same attributes noted above and both groups feel that they are superior (elites, therefore) and know what’s best for the rest of us.

If it’s true that investigations of Mr. Weinstein have started, the investigating bodies ought to offer him some sort of plea deal in exchange for his exposure of other crimes that he may know and have evidence of – just like they might with a mobster.

“Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out”

To tweak Timothy Leary’s famous “turn on, tune in, drop out” for these times, let me suggest that we “turn off, tune out, drop out.”

Therefore, to the extent possible:

“Turn off” any programming or any commercial activity that is a forum that enables the left to continue their relentless attack against our values, our country and yes, our choice for President. If one is interested in a particular sport, for example, get together with friends and play the game.

“Tune out” all noise, sloganeering, voices and virtue signaling that come from the various groups that, again, routinely attack us, our way of life, our country. Spend the time with family and friends; get a new hobby.

“Drop out” of any economic activity that enables the left and their elitist comrades to continue to do well with your support and at your expense. Support local businesses and avoid companies that sponsor or otherwise support the economic activities of organizations or causes that you do not support.

America first! Let’s see what happens.

The DACA Caca…

It’d seem to me that anyone who has an interest in seeing that the laws of this country are not only enforced but simply followed, would also be for ending prick-tator Obama’s illegal DACA program. It’s not very surprising that an assorted number of RINOs have suddenly come out in support of maintaining the program. This, in spite of their one-time, supposed objection to Obama’s betrayal of his oath of office and his circumvention of Congress.

If the program doesn’t end, many (Democrats, RINOs) will argue that “early childhood arrivals” include anchor babies and the entire matter as to whether or not children born here of parents who are not US citizens or permanent residents will be considered “settled” law; by executive fiat! As I recall, Mr. Trump, during the campaign, argued that the anchor babies issue was not settled and never litigated. As a consequence, we’d expect the administration’s announcement today to end Obama’s DACA program. Period.

CNN – A Parody

A list of headlines, denials, admissions from the channel:

1 “This is C, No News.” (In James Earl Jones’ voice.)
2. Unlike our main competitor, “We decide, We distort.”
3. Zucker, Anderson “Can’t Take a Dump” Cooper and Don “Black Hole” Lemon are not in a love triangle.
4. Alisyn Camerota has not given up her job for the relatively honorable position of being a prostitute.
5. It’s only fake when we fake it.
6. We’ve been making shit up since Bernard Shaw; why stop now?
7. Where does it say the first amendment is an individual right?
8. We do our best to control the news narrative, why can’t we control some dude on the internet?
9. No, we don’t deserve being beaten up in a fake wrestling match and if you advocate this, we’ll publish your contact info so one or more of our unhinged viewers or Kathy Griffin (without make-up) will take care of business, if you catch our drift…
10. Apologies. Our viewers aren’t unhinged they just choose to be alternatively informed in the alternative universe we’ve created for them; why else would they tune in when we’ve admitted to making stuff up?
11. Chris Cuomo does not self-identify as a little girl in order to gain access to the ladies’ bathroom.
12. Remember when we gave debate questions to Hillary? Right, we were colluding and actively “hacking” the elections; Candy Crowley pulled it off in 2012!
13. Sure, our journalists are actually SJWs, aren’t all journalists? What are you going to do about it?
14. No, Wolf Blitzer isn’t really that dumb, that time on Jeopardy, he had buzzer problems.
15. The next time you see Fareed Zakaria on, try to forget that “GPS” means, “Globally Plagiarizing Scumbag”
16. Boycotts against us don’t work; we can blackmail our advertisers, as well.
17. Hey, give us some credit, we fail at our main job everyday but we get up and do it all over again and yes, some how, we really, really, do know what is best for your life. Remember we are the most trusted people in news.
18. Make no mistake, we are what we accuse others of being; “C, Neo-Nazis” (In James Earl Jones’ voice.).
19. Get on with your miserable lives, we’ll join MSNBC and take our viewers to a merry world in which Hillary is President!
20. Ask the New York Times, Trump made us do it!

They Have Nothing On Him…

To anyone who has the ability to critically analyze what’s been going on in this country over the last few months (so, the media, Democrat party leaders, many celebrities and a good deal of the rank-and-file followers of all of the parties preceding are excluded) it should be obvious that:

(1) the reason Obama and his people spied on Mr. Trump was, simply, to find some dirt on him that would have been leaked to the press in order to damage his candidacy. The “prick-tator” himself was so certain that they’d find something on Mr. Trump, it was the reason he and many surrogates in the donkey party and the media (yes, some of whom were likely in on it) were running about proclaiming with certitude that Mr. Trump will “never” be President.

(2) by their very (in)action, it is clear that the charge of Russian collusion is utter and complete bullcrap, why? Because if it were true, Obama’s minions would have leaked it prior to November, 8th with the intent being, again, to influence voters.

(3) Obama was obviously aware of what was going on here and it was the reason why, with days remaining in office, he authorized the exchange of intelligence between the various agencies. He knew.

The following piece was true when it was written and almost on a daily basis now, we are finding out how much so: https://mononymous1.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/the-broken-windows-theory-now-applies-to-government/

It’ll be no surprise if, some time from now, we learn that a good deal of the Washington, D.C. elites and power brokers (in Congress, the media, etc.) were covertly spied upon under Obama’s direction. We already know of James Rosen and the Senate Intelligence Committee. This may well include Chief Justice John Roberts and it will certainly explain his Obamacare decision. In short, we may find that a number of these people have been or could have been threatened with blackmail. It will be no surprise if we find out that Obama’s spying on Mr. Trump actually began when the latter was talking about the former’s birth certificate issue. This is what tin-pot dictators do.

It’d seem to me that, if the Russians really wanted to influence our elections, they would have released, through Wikileaks, for example, the 30-33K missing Hillary Clinton emails; it is very likely that they and others, have them (I was once involved with a small business and its servers were routinely attacked; is there anyone out there who actually believes that her private servers were not hacked?). Why haven’t these emails been leaked? Because they can be leveraged and only God knows what would have happened to this country and its interests if Mrs. Clinton was elected.

To conclude, what can we expect going forward? Well, Congress is on the case, actually, they are on their high horse, as usual. When was the last time any of their so-called “investigation” resulted in anything, anything? For example, is that known lying sack of excrement, Susan Rice, likely to go to jail (along with some of her underlings)? Don’t think so. Her primary exemption, of course, is her race. And with Republicans in charge, well; “it’s not who we are…” as Obama would say. However, what we were under his administration was nothing but a third world country with first world means and for Democrats, the ends justified the means.

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