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Democrat Party: Proud Slave Owners

If not having to work liberates people, according to the new Democrat Party spin to save Obamacare; what does having to work compounded by paying income taxes mean?  Is it not, simply put, theft?  Theft of income, of labor, of assets and by extension, of personal freedom?  Does it not simply mean that this party, by its own rhetoric, is admitting to be a party of slave owners?  Are they not admitting that the working class is nothing but slaves; suppliers of the means with which they buy votes?  And what about the recipients of their “generosity”?  If they are liberated from work, are they not now equally enslaved to and dependent on a government that acts as their provider?  Where, in the history of the world, has such a society thrived?  Why would any able-bodied person want to depend on the government; why would any government or responsible party encourage this EXCEPT to create dependency and hold on to power?  How can the governing elites/slave owners not be concerned about who will pay for the welfare society they are creating, if not working is “liberating” and if therefore, there is a diminished income tax base (assuming that many choose to be “liberated”)?  Since many of us have the “burden” of working, can we not at least keep what we earn?  Would these people support repealing the income tax?

In a sane world, these people, meaning our elected officials who spout this nonsense, would be laughed out of Congress and be shamed in a public square some where; this, based only their mismanagement of our tax dollars which they confiscate.  How can anyone, when the next election rolls around, support these types of candidates?  Let’s remember the genesis of all of this; the stated intent was to provide health insurance to some 30 million people who, supposedly, didn’t or couldn’t have any.  If this were the simple intent, there are many ways to have provided the coverage without, simultaneously, causing all of the ripple effects we are seeing because of Obamacare.  In the wake of all of this, the Democrat Party doubles down on their monumental failure even as the collateral damage piles higher before our very eyes.  And so, one has to wonder about the original intent.

If Obamacare is to the US the equivalent of Rome burning, these fools are there setting smaller fires along the way.  These people are willing to shake, rattle and destroy the very foundations of this country and in the process, the relationship between the government and the people,  in order to preserve their power and Obamacare.  The slave owners ought to be denounced, loudly and frequently and must be dismissed at the next elections.

NewsReal – The News Not Reported (Week Ending 2/8/2014)

The following is mostly satire.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was criticized this week for not including minority comedians in his web comedy series.  In response, the comedian said, “I have a dream that we live in a nation where comedians are not judged by the color of their skin but by the humorous content of their schtick.  This skin color obsession has got to go!  It has even given us a mediocre dictator, instead of a Stalin we got a Mugabe!”

As noted last week, Sandra Fluke was considering running for Congress in the district currently represented by Henry Waxman who is retiring.  After the initial flirtation with a potential candidacy, Ms. Fluke decided to withdraw in what is being described as her very first and likely last encounter with coitus interruptus.

Super Bowl XLVIII was played on Sunday or properly put, the Seahawks played football and the Broncos were spectators and yet, it appears that TV viewership of the game broke all records.  However, a spokesman for the Nielsen ratings company said it is quite likely that “millions and millions” of people were counted because their TVs remained tuned into the game long after they had fallen asleep.

Prior to the snoozefest, Bill O’Reilly (who looks out for you), interviewed President Obama.  In a stunning display of laser-like focus and consistency, the President continued his attack on the 1 percenters.  “I enjoy the support of 99% of the media,” the President said, “Fox News and its 1% reach is the reason for all my problems!”

Kaiser Wilhelm II aka Kaiser Wilhelm, The Turd, said this week that he will be boycotting the St. Patrick’s day parade this year because the organizers will not let gays participate.  Asked to comment, an organizer said, “Only when there is tolerance for us participating in a “Gay Pride” parade carrying a sign reading “Homos Suck” will we allow their participation in ours.”  To this, Kaiser Wilhelm, The Turd responded, “If they’d only allow my wife to be Grand Marshal of their parade, I’ll consider the matter settled in my favor.”

Amid reports of improper facilities and equipment shortages in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the press on a grand tour.  Mr. Putin is reported to have told the American media, “We are so ahead of you.  This is where your country is headed, we’ve been there, done that with Communism.”

More trouble for Obamacare and Democrats this week; the CBO said that over 2 million people will lose their job because of the law.  Seeking to gain favor with low information voters or “lofos,” Democrats went on the offense claiming that the loss of work is a benefit to people which is in stark contrast to the lip service the President paid to the concept of, “if you work hard, you can get ahead in America.”  Democrats believe that if people buy their “job block” crap, they will be able to roll out the ultimate defense for the failing law in the fall: “Obamacare works best, if you’re already dead.”  For bumpersticker promotion, the line will be changed to: “Obamacare works best, if you’re already at rest.”

This has been NewsReal for the week ending February, 8th, 2014.  And yes, the media are still depraved, deceitful and devious.

NewsReal – The News Not Reported (Week Ending 2/1/2014)

The following is mostly satire!

President Obama presented his state of the union speech to a joint session of Congress.  The speech was widely criticized from both the left and right almost immediately after it was delivered.  However, there was almost unanimous agreement that the President could have made his case on the issues stronger by employing the Mandela funeral sign language interpreter.

The SOTU speech was used to address a key issue for the President and his party, “income inequality.”  On this topic, he said, “An individual’s talent means nothing; just ask my union supporters.  If my friends in the NBA were paid the same, the games they play would be just as good.  If my friends in Hollywood were paid the same, you and they won’t notice the difference.  This unrecognized fact has been a key reason for socialism’s failure!”

Because the Social Security program has been such a massive success and because the federal government has managed the money it confiscates so well, the President in his SOTU speech also proposed a new retirement scheme which is to be titled, “myRA.”  In the wake of all the missed nuances from the Obamacare marketing debacle, the President’s aides issued a statement immediately following the speech in which they made it clear that “myRA” means “my Raid-able Account.”

Iranian Leader Khamenei said that John Kerry: the “Wealthy American Statesman” Should Be “Punched in the Mouth and Crushed.”  The Iranians quickly corrected this statement, however, pointing out that the Leader meant, “American States man” or “man from the American States” because, “by Allah,” no one could actually confuse John F’n Kerry with a true “statesman.”  There has been no confirmed beheadings over this mix up.

Forty year House veteran Henry Waxman announced this week that he will not seek re-election for another term.  In his announcement, Rep. Waxman disclosed that he suffers from “Olfactory fatigue” as a result of the many decades of sticking his nose into the affairs of the American people.  The Congressman says he has not decided on whether he’ll take a position as a wine taster with a CA winery in an effort to “reverse” the nasal damage.  In a related item, Sandra Fluke, whose name is a well-established euphemism for the f-word and whose face is now nationally known as the co-ed seeking taxpayer subsidized contraceptives, announced that she is considering running to replace the retiring congressman.  Unfortunately, there is no prophylactic that can protect Americans from the intercourse she’d have with us if she has a successful run.

Amanda Knox has been found guilty of murder in an Italian court, again.  This is after she was found guilty, then not guilty in two previous trials.  In a news release from prosecutors, the Italians pointed out that they have been studying the modus operandi of the US Democrat party in close elections in which they demand recounts of votes until a favorable outcome is achieved.

Comedian Jon Stewart continued the left’s war on women by attacking former Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she appeared on his show this week.  Under repeated questioning about the failed rollout of Obamacare’s website, Rep. Pelosi was forced to admit that she “didn’t know” why it occurred.  A frustrated Mr. Stewart concluded the interview by saying, “I thought you were feigning it but I now believe you really are ignorant!”

California, world renowned as the land of “fruits and nuts,” has upped the ante in a high stakes game with the federal government to see which entity will enroll in Obamacare the highest risk pool of homosexual men.  A spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown, addressing the controversy surrounding the use of over a million dollars in a promotional campaign for the law explained, “After we saw the fed’s pajama boy, we decided to raise Richard Simmons!  How else could we reach these men who, by their lifestyle, have essentially formed their own death panels?  ONLY the government is allowed to have death panels!”

This has been NewsReal for the week ending February, 1st, 2014.  And yes, the media remain a bunch of slaves, sycophants and scum.

Grow a Pair (Or Borrow Nancy Pelosi’s)

Again, on the amnesty issue.  The previous post commented on how the Democrats wield power.  The President is playing a dictator with absolutely no regard for the constitution and the case has clearly been made about their use or abuse of power.  In this regard and in particularly with respect to amnesty; the dimwitted Republicans need to take a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook.  Their simplest approach to amnesty and indeed, on any other issue, should be WWNPD if the situation were reversed – meaning, what would the Democrats do if they were opposed to amnesty with a Republican Senate and President?  Do they think, for instance, that NP as Speaker, would be entertaining any of these considerations right now?  The answer: hell no.

They might have, for example, passed a border security bill first and send it over to the Senate where it’d probably die.  They would then go into the election saying, “Hey, we started the process but the President and his party refused to take action on the first step.  Don’t blame us!”  They could then go on to explain why border security is an extremely important first step and try to rally the country in getting something done about it.  Perhaps they’d even go on to warn that, unlike the Obamacare monstrosity that has spawned so many unintended consequences, a “comprehensive reform” bill of 2000 or more pages is absolutely not the way to go.  They could then point out that the President has seen fit to act unilaterally on enforcement of laws, has been busy using regulations to circumvent them, that these things are not acceptable and that this is yet another basis for refusing to act on a total reform package because, simply put, he cannot be trusted.

But no.  In their typical spineless fashion, the Republicans are willing to cave to whatever unseen forces guide them because it certainly isn’t the will of their constituents.  It is still quite interesting as to what these unseen forces are.  Where are the “conservative” members of the House and why wouldn’t they come out and expose what is going on here?  Anybody, somebody, grow a pair or borrow Nancy Pelosi’s!

The “Broken Windows” Theory – Now Applies to Government

Care to comment on this?  Apologies if this has been noted before; I don’t know anymore…

I’d like to TRY to write a short story with the following plot:

As America slips into a police state, the daughter of a federal judge is asked to help identify a man who has been deemed “an enemy of the state.”  Does she and at what cost?

Can I do this?  Asked for many reasons but the key ones are: (1) all characters may not be entirely fictional (very, very loosely based with no possible means of identification otherwise I might be sued) and (2) without encouragement this will be something else I am likely to start but never finish.

Like everything else, there is the difficult issue of how to share the story; I recognize and respect the limitations on this but I’d rather not publish it on the internet.  Thoughts, please…

What are we doing half-way around the world?  I hope being safe and returning soon….

There are other ways to say this, e.g., a fish rots from its head, but given the lawlessness involved, the “broken windows” theory is most applicable.  Why?  It started at the top, the current administration has set the tone for what now appears to be the “new normal.”  Enemies lists have been developed and across this great country, every politician – mostly Democrats, have been given a license to do whatever it is they want or feel like doing to their political enemies; revenge, payback, whatever it is.  If, at the federal level, they take back the House of Representatives, we have seen nothing yet.  There are some differences between the two parties; a key one is the fact that the Democrats know how to wield power and the Republicans, well, they just want to get along.  If, for example, the shoe were on the other foot on passing Obamacare, there is absolutely no way the Republicans would have done it in the manner in which Pelosi and Reid passed that bill.  They are spineless.  Instead of having Ted Kennedy (as a Republican) write his “No Child Left Behind” bill, George W. Bush (as a Democrat) would have abolished the Education Department, if this is something he wanted to do.  It’s just the way it is; Democrats use the power they have to advance their odious agenda and Republicans just try, in vain, to make nice.  This is precisely why the battles over the last 60 + years are being lost to the progressives even if the people remain largely opposed to the direction in which it takes the country.

So here we are.  The lawlessness of the Obama administration has been well documented; no one does anything.  This then trickles down to the rest of the government and we have Chuck Schumer actually calling for the stifling of dissent by using the powers of the IRS – something, the President once called “outrageous” but then and again, nothing happened.  Next, we have Chris Christie’s people seemingly exacting revenge on their enemies; in this one instance (and we all know why), the subpoenas are flying.  And then there are the generalissimos of New York, the self-appointed arbiters of how and what the population of an entire state and city should think.  The Governor, who has referred to anyone who dares to hold a different opinion on the issues of abortion, gay marriage and the second amendment as “extremists,” and the Mayor of NYC who agrees with him 100%.  In keeping with the broken windows theory, it’d seem that the latter exacted his own revenge on the people of the UES of Manhattan because they dared to not vote for him.  Again, there’s nothing to be done or seen here.  Next, we’ll be hearing about trains out of NY with passengers on their way to a gulag some where; it’s the fascists’ way.

There was a time when liberals would run around mouthing the words, “I disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend your right to say it…”  Like all the qualifications we missed on Obama’s various lies, there is one here too; “I disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend your right to say it…until I can make you shut up!”  This, from the folks who talk about inclusiveness, diversity, peace, love and all that other good crap.  It wasn’t that long ago that to them, “dissent was the highest form of patriotism” except, maybe, for paying taxes.  Now, dissent is extremists and they’ll use the force of government to ruin your life in whatever way possible in order to shut it down.  This is un-American and tyrannical.

All of this lawless behavior from a president who threatens to rule by executive authority with a willing and able cabal of bureaucrats to carry out his every whim and what does the House want to do?  Work with him on amnesty knowing full well that no matter what they compromise on to make law; the president, as he has demonstrated with Obamacare, will ignore, postpone or use executive/administrative authority to either override or thwart the law.  Why do these people even work with him?  What they should be doing is drawing up articles of impeachment which, should they retain the House, follow up on next year and let the chips fall where they may.  As our government is now making examples of some of us who dare to speak up in opposition, we need to make an example of what should happen to presidents who have become lawless: impeachment.  Otherwise, the broken windows theory dictates that lawlessness will continue to spread like a cancer across this country.

NewsReal – The News Not Reported (Week Ending 1/25/2014)

The following is mostly satire!

President Obama, in a conversation with a reporter, had a near meltdown this week during which he blamed racists for his declining poll numbers.  He also had the following shocking exchange:

Reporter: “Your presidency, take me through it.”

Obama: “Well, I’m the best one ever! When you try me with sorry losers like Republicans, that’s the result you gonna get! I don’t like how they talk about me!”

Reporter: “Who was talking about you?”

Obama: “Limbaugh! Fox News!  Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m gonna use my phone and my pen! IRS! FCC! FBI! NSA!”

In the same interview, the president said that he doesn’t think smoking pot is more dangerous than drinking alcohol, “look at me, I smoked, I inhaled and it hasn’t affected my ability to lead one bit!”

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo decided that his state is no place for folks who are pro-life, anti-gay marriage and supporters of the second amendment.  He declared that these “extremists” are not who NYers are.  The self-styled “Il Douche” proceeded to say that the men who founded this country were also extremists for including the second amendment in the Bill of Rights.  United in hate and not to be left out of an opportunity to bash political opponents, NYC Mayor and horse’s ass for life, Kaiser Wilhelm II said that he agrees “100%” with the governor’s remarks.  Clearly, it’d be “extremist” to point out that the illegal use of guns in America has killed a lot less people than the unlimited access to abortions that these extremists support.

Wendy Davis, running for Governor of Texas, was criticized this week for embellishing her resume with her “trailer park to Harvard law school” story.  Asked to comment, James Carville said, “a sugar daddy would have to drag a lot more than a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park to find her, I’ll tell you that much…”  Meanwhile, a poll of Texas voters said that her degree from the elite law school really only qualifies the ardent abortionists to be an elitist.

House Republicans are planning a retreat for discussing a path forward on illegal immigration.  It appears that the main topic of discussion is making the math work for them electorally.  Simply put, the complex computation they face is whether or not: 33% (of existing voters) + 25% (of potential, amnestied, new voters)  > 33% (of existing voters) + 75% (of potential, amnestied, new voters).  Paul Ryan’s office said that if this was a budgetary problem the math would easily work, “with the usual tricks.”  His office also had a message for conservative members who are opposed to amnesty, “get onboard and embrace the suck.”

The USPTO has refused to allow registering a trademark name that uses the word “redskins.”  This action is seen by some as the beginning of an attack on the use of the word by the NFL team.  Relatedly, USCIS is expected to shortly re-issue the naturalization certificate for the movie star and former Governor of CA who will now be known as Arnold Schwarz.  The change was demanded by the NAACP which claimed that, as his ancestors owned slaves, Arnold has no right to continue to use the “offensive” word in his last name.

Conservative film maker Dinesh D’Souza was this week indicted on violating election campaign laws.  In the next few weeks he’ll be hearing from the IRS in what some are calling, “Obama’s Revenge: 2014” the “reality-based prequel” to his first movie.

A Chinese billionaire is offering a small fortune to anyone who can “convert” his gay daughter.  No word, at this time, on whether Kaiser Wilhelm II will give up his day job of stealing from the “rich” in NYC in order to pursue this opportunity to make an honest buck and for which he’s eminently qualified.

This has been NewsReal for the week ending January, 25th, 2014.  And yes, the media is still loudly, lewdly in love with their messiah!


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