what has happened? – 5/28

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– Well, did you miss me?

+ I have been busy.

– Yeah, I know what you mean, I noticed the lack of interest.

+ You should talk…

– Hmm. Can I take that to mean that I have been missed?

+ Whatever.

– I was beginning to think that in your mind I must have died and was buried; that you’d had enough and that it was the end of the line.

(I had been mentally preparing for this figuring, others have given up on me, why not her?)

+ You have no idea what happens in my mind.

– True and trust me, I wish I did. Anyway, you must work with folks like me and I am guessing, fully aware of how these projects get done. It’s been quite an experience but I don’t want to dwell on it. I am still under their yoke and may be until the end of July now; it sucks.

(She was undressing, behind a screen, getting ready for bed and I thought, cool, I wonder if I’ll get in there with her…it’s a good thing we can’t, yet, read thoughts. She emerged attired in shorts and a tee shirt, I studied her legs. I like them, I really like them! The world, they say, is divided into two types of men, those who have a compulsive attraction to a woman’s cleavage and those who prefer legs. I cannot explain why but I count myself amongst the latter.)

+ Everyone has to make a living some how.

– Not everyone…too bad I have to do it the fucking hard way.

+ Find an easier way then.

– Easy enough to say. I have thought of it, you know. The problem is I don’t know what. Some times I think of giving up on everything, moving to Florida and living a quieter, less expensive, life near the beach.

(Does she like the beach, I wondered. Maybe not, it’s possible she is easily sun burned. She had slipped into the adjoining bathroom and returned moments later brushing her hair. I wanted to get closer. Close enough to smell her hair, maybe play with it a little. But I kept my distance.)

+ Why don’t you?

– I’m not sure; it’s too hot in summer?

+ Is that the only reason?

– There may be others, I’m not sure. Why? Can you think of any?

(Aside from the possibility of us running into each other some place again, as we’d done six years ago.)

+ I don’t know any thing about your life; you don’t expect me to know the answer, do you?

– You could know anything you want to know about it; just ask…

+ There’s nothing.

– You can’t be serious.

+ Do you actually think I think about your life? I mean, really…

– Why not? I think about yours…

(To be fair, only as a single person; that is, as if the world that she must actually live in doesn’t exist. Yes, willfully ignoring reality and why do people do this? So they don’t have to deal with its implications, right?)

+ That’s your problem and I really wish you wouldn’t! It’s none of your damned business.

– Why are you so angry about this?

+ I’m not!

– Are you mad at me for some reason then?

+ Absolutely not!

– I see. Because I’ve been thinking that maybe you are mad at me for chasing the almighty dollar and not you. You have to know that this has affected me a lot more than you; if it bothers you at all…hell, I have been thinking that you’ve deserted me when I needed you most.

(I should go sit next to her on that sofa, I thought, as my mind went back so many years to the train station when this had actually happened on a bench there; it was probably the closest we’d ever been. But I guess she’d noticed my fascination with her legs and strategically placed them on the sofa to either better exhibit them or to cut-off the possibility of sitting there. She’s a teaser, all right.)

+ I have much better things to do.

– I realize that. You know, anger is okay; it means you care. I’ve been referred to as the “world’s angriest man” by some who should know and understand me better….

+ Well, are you?

– How could one even tell? My response, to the sometimes in jest label, has been to say, “if Mel Gibson has reasons to be angry, why wouldn’t I…”

+ Do you justify your actions by pointing to someone else’s?

– No, but if Mel Gibson has things to be angry about why shouldn’t I or any random person for that matter?

(Perhaps the anger comes from living a life that is at odds with the life one would like to live or to put it another way, being a man not living up to his full potential. I made a note to ask her which, of all the things she knows I do, I should pursue earnestly.)

+ Rationalize it however you want but the assumption that having money fixes everything is wrong.

– But it helps, doesn’t it? I’m mostly impatient, frustrated, but no one cares. Do you wonder what I look like these days? You know, in bed, lights off, about to go to sleep, do you some times wonder?

(Should I admit that when I go to sleep, I do wonder what it’d be like if she was there, next to me and exactly how much should I say? Do I tell her, that I like to sleep on my left side – no matter what that quack Dr. Oz says about it, and if she does too, our forms would be nesting, that my right arm and leg would be wrapped around her, my lips pressed to the back of her neck and that there is no question in my mind that my hand will wander, caress and follow her curves. What would be the point though? I mean, she probably does all of this already and none of it has a damned thing to do with me.)

+ Not really, no.

– The year you got manacled…

+ Manacled?

– You know what I mean…

+ You think of marriage as being manacled?

– For some people, yes. I didn’t mean to imply that it is true in your case, it’s just a word I borrowed from Mr. Fawlty to describe the institution, sorry.

+ You must live a sad life.

– That should be no revelation to you. Anyway, that year, was an interesting one in a few ways. I stopped being an employee and started doing my own thing; my brother-in-law, the man most responsible for getting me here died – murdered, we think, no one really knows all these years later and of course, November happened. So, yes, an interesting year and one I will never forget.

+ I’m sorry to hear. Murdered? What happened?

– Thanks. It’s good to hear you say that, I remember asking for it at the time but I guess folks were otherwise busy. It’s too long a story to tell but for once, you’d like the stars and writers from Law and Order to show up and “solve” what happened in his case. I’m being sarcastic, of course…are you pregnant again?

(Would she really care or want to know that the poor man, rest his soul, was found nearly unconscious, in the middle of the street with no obvious signs of an accident, went in to a coma and died without ever regaining consciousness?)

+ Why would that be any of your business?

– Just wondering, some folks seem to do these things one right after the other; sort of get it out of the way….

(In the briefest flash, the implication of my question occurred to me; the idea that she’d be involved in the procreative process with someone. A thought that was immediately banished, stifled, because while it is understandable, in the circumstances, it was unbearable to me.)

+ Well, it’s still none of your business.

– I know that, obviously. Well, I hope handsome is doing well…correction, I know he must be doing quite well.

(I meant it sincerely but she probably didn’t really get that.)

+ Thank you.

– Do you suppose that if we have a soul that exists outside and independently of our body that it gets recycled, reincarnated into a newborn? After our body dies, of course…

+ Am I a theologian?

– You don’t have to be to think about the possibility

+ I suppose it is possible.

– So if it’s possible, do you think then that the soul gets to decide which baby’s body to adopt and therefore, who the parents are to be?

(It was a sort of chicken and egg question; is the soul an independent attribute of a person that exists outside of the body or is it developed or formed by the body, specifically, the brain? I have been thinking it’s the former but why would be a whole other discussion.)

+ How the hell should I know? What is the point of this?

– Well, I was wondering if handsome had a choice in picking his parents, that’s all…anyway, we just passed an anniversary of sorts…

+ What would that be?

– You have forgotten?

+ Yes.

– Well, let’s forget it then. I do sometimes wonder though what would have happened if I had said anything more than what I did…

(Yeah, what would have happened if I had professed undying love, for example?)

+ Oh, that.

– Yes, that.

+ You might have gone to jail…

– Funny, right?

+ No just very awkward.

– I’d still like to write that story some day but I won’t and haven’t written a word, as promised.

(The plan was to write it as mostly a play with the dialog in a sort of verse; not quite Shakespearean, if I am honest, because it’d be way beyond my capabilities. So, it’d have been more like a screen play.)

+ Might be best that way.

– Yep, it is curious because the person who has inspired me to do so much writing has also throttled my desire to write that particular story.

+ If you are referring to me, I have done no such thing…

– If that is how you see it, so be it. But you know what, I hope that when you are done with me, that I’ll be done with the whole thing. I don’t want to be inspired anymore, no new muse, no nothing; I think I’d just want to be left alone and likely never write again as I have done these many years.

(I can’t believe I said it, but I did. When she is done with me, I have no desire to get this way with anyone else.)

+ I am sorry to hear that.

– No you’re not and I can think of a few reasons why you shouldn’t be. Tell me, when you were a teenager, dreaming about boys and so on, did you ever, ever think that you’d meet someone like me and care as much as I believe you do?

(I don’t think she’d ever understand why I find this fascinating. Is it possible that she sees in me what no one else does and if yes, what is it? I’d never know but it is quite interesting.)

+ Haven’t you said that assuming things make you a fool?

– Yes.

+ There you go then.

– I don’t believe you. So, what was it? Did you, during your formative years, have a nanny or two who have influenced your view of the world?

+ Are you saying that I have not formed my own views on things? That I am incapable of this?

– Come on, that’s not what I am saying. I have said it before, you are not an elitist snob and I am wondering if your early life has anything to do with that; that’s all. The streets around here are some times lined with nannies and their charges and I have often wondered how and if they influence the lives of the kids they attend to…

(Even now, there is so much more that I want to learn about her; hell, this entire conversation might have been more enjoyable if I only knew her better.)

+ And my parents? They had nothing to do with who I am?

– Of course they do, to a degree, like all parents. But I know someone who was a nanny to a child from a few weeks after his birth all the way through his college days. Amazing stuff…she was effectively this dude’s surrogate mother, how could she not have some sort of impact on that kid’s life?

+ People are different.

– I suppose. Do you still care about me?

(I imagine that, in her life, there are a few guys on a totem pole and I have to believe that I am probably the lowest one on that pole. The only consolation is that I am on there at all. I wanted her to say yes and I wanted her to say it while I was looking into her eyes because that is where I’d recognize the truth, whatever the truth may be; I accept things. But, we were in the same room only in the boundaries of my mind and that is no place to look for truths in this matter.)

+ What do you think?

– I hope so because I’ve been thinking that if you get accustomed to not hearing from me, as in these last few months, you may lose all interest and stop giving a crap….

+ Why else would I let you talk to me?

– There is that.

(And at that moment, I wanted to, so badly, go over to her and have her show me exactly how much she cares, without inhibitions. But, again, there was the invisible wall of separation…)

Unsolicited Advice to Republicans: Grow a Pair (or Borrow Nancy Pelosi’s)

This was originally posted on 1/30/2014 but a re-post was thought necessary on the eve of “Executive Amnesty.” Let’s see, on the one hand we have elected Democrats and indirectly, Gruber’s “stupid people” who support them, egging on the President to “go big” with his theft of power and disregard for his constitutional duties and the constitution itself and on the other hand, we have the rest of the American people who recently voted to stop all of this and yet, the RINOS are wavering. But, let’s see how this plays out.

From 1/30/2014:

Again, on the amnesty issue. The previous post (see here: https://mononymous1.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/the-broken-windows-theory-now-applies-to-government/) commented on how the Democrats wield power. The President is playing a dictator with absolutely no regard for the constitution and the case has clearly been made about their use or abuse of power. In this regard and in particularly with respect to amnesty; the dimwitted Republicans need to take a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook. Their simplest approach to amnesty and indeed, on any other issue, should be WWNPD if the situation were reversed – meaning, what would the Democrats do if they were opposed to amnesty with a Republican Senate and President? Do they think, for instance, that NP as Speaker, would be entertaining any of these considerations right now? The answer: hell no.

They might have, for example, passed a border security bill first and send it over to the Senate where it’d probably die. They would then go into the election saying, “Hey, we started the process but the President and his party refused to take action on the first step. Don’t blame us!” They could then go on to explain why border security is an extremely important first step and try to rally the country in getting something done about it. Perhaps they’d even go on to warn that, unlike the Obamacare monstrosity that has spawned so many unintended consequences, a “comprehensive reform” bill of 2000 or more pages is absolutely not the way to go. They could then point out that the President has seen fit to act unilaterally on enforcement of laws, has been busy using regulations to circumvent them, that these things are not acceptable and that this is yet another basis for refusing to act on a total reform package because, simply put, he cannot be trusted.

But no. In their typical spineless fashion, the Republicans are willing to cave to whatever unseen forces guide them because it certainly isn’t the will of their constituents. It is still quite interesting as to what these unseen forces are. Where are the “conservative” members of the House and why wouldn’t they come out and expose what is going on here? Anybody, somebody, grow a pair or borrow Nancy Pelosi’s!

So, Rep. Gowdy (R-SC), If “Comprehensive” is Latin…

for “lots of bad stuff” in legislation; what is “Omnibus” if not damn near the same? Therefore, can the American people count on you to show some leadership and oppose the current omnibus spending bill that will continue to fund “lots of bad stuff” including Obamacare and whatever “amnesty” is pending? Sir, just demand that we follow the usual but now forgotten process of passing separate appropriations bills and let the Senate fail to act or let the president veto them. It is clear that the public will support the House’s actions if the reasons are made clear.


Reference interview/video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqO1VdrS7kc

Gruber’s Gruesome but Right

Prof. Gruber’s admission that passage of Obamacare depended on the “stupidity” of the American public should come as no surprise to anyone; the man should be applauded for his candor.

Examining the answers to the following questions would suggest that he was and is absolutely right. It is the dependency on the existence of these people that has kept the Democrat party in power; it is their base, it is to whom they appeal and the rest of us, while living in this country, simply pay the price for their voting habits .


(1) how did “hope and change” work
(2) how did President Obama, after promising to “transform” and “redistribute,” win in 2008
(3) in spite of his government’s record, how did he win a second term in 2012
(4) why did the “war on women” work; how did “binders full of women” get to be more important than Benghazi in 2012
(5) what else would explain the herd mentality of entire groups of people (journalists, minorities, etc.) that drives them to vote for Democrat candidates, repeatedly and with the same outcomes
(6) related to item 5, what else but the belief that there exists mass stupidity among her largely black audience would drive Michelle Obama to tell them in the lead up to the last election, “And that’s my message to voters, this isn’t about Barack, it’s not about person on that ballot– its about you. And for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this– that shouldn’t even come into the equation.”  In other words, blindly do what I say.
(7) what else would explain the rise to Speakership of Nancy Pelosi
(8) how did Michael Moore and those of his ilk become rich?
(9) what possible reason is there for the existence of TMZ, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and assorted gossip magazines, e.g., “People,” etc.
(10) related to item (9) what else drives the obsession with celebrities, including sports figures and yes, in general, sports. Relatedly, why do grown men wear “Jeter” or “Manning” or whomever else apparel?
(11) what audience is there for the mindless and utter crap that is broadcasted on daytime television
(12) why do advertisements for products with the words “actor portrayal” clearly indicated work
(13) what else drives young women in NYC to wear jeans/pants of a particular shade of blue or for that matter, what makes any person a fashion, trend or any kind of follower
(14) days before the 2014 elections, why did a video of a woman being “catcalled” become viral and receive coverage over a broad spectrum of the media
(15) what else would enable the rackets of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
(16) why is it that the greatest country in the world cannot have elections without fraud, glitches and voter IDs when we demand the same across the globe with Jimmy Carter as observer
(17) why is Hillary Clinton qualified to be POTUS? That’s right, we have lowered the bar and the “glass ceiling” with it but the fact that she will now be touted as the most “experienced” candidate – probably in the history of the republic, no less – by the very same people who gave us a president with absolutely no experience at running anything, is yet another sign of the level of stupidity Democrats can count on.
(18) why else would people cede their power for decades to the government and the media
(19) what has enabled the states to cede their power to the federal government
(20) why does the global warming/climate change hoax continue to perpetuate? How many Prof. Gruber’s are involved?
(21) why is President Obama able to distance himself from all the scandals that have plagued his administration.
(22) on what foundation was the Occupy Wall Street operation built
(23) Why do anti-war protesters become latent during Democrat presidencies
(24) Why are there people who still believe that the federal government can do anything efficiently or effectively except through coercion?

This list can go on but we have a general sense of what’s going on here. The final question, however, is this:

(25) why does it seem that folks are more outraged about Prof. Gruber’s confessions than they were about “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” and all the other failed promises of the abominable law? In the light of the professor’s revelations, the most relevant question to ask is, “what did the President know and when did he know it?” The evidence suggests that the President was fully aware and an active participant in the fraud being perpetrated on the American people; this is where the real outrage should be directed. But, what is anyone going to do about it?

Which is a good segue to Executive Amnesty or President Obama’s ultimate “FU” and revenge against the American people and particularly, those who dared to vote against his policies and party recently. It is not clear that defunding the operational aspect of it will work because USCIS could simply pass on the cost to mint new documents to the amnesty beneficiaries – which is what they normally do, anyway. The Courts might have a say about the legality of the EO but perhaps a more effective way to deal with the matter is for the Republican party’s leaders and those looking at running for nomination to be president to step forward right after the EO is issued and say some or all of the following: (1) with a potential Republican president the EO will be voided on Jan 20th, 2017 (2) those who benefit from the amnesty will NEVER be put on a path to citizenship – per existing law and (3) by registering for the amnesty’s benefits, you are telling the government who you are, where you live, etc., and this may make deportation later easier. The impact of these comments may depress interest in the offered “amnesty” which should make it easier to undo later on.

October Surprise? Do Despicable, Desperate Democrats Actually Want Deadly Virus…

(in the US to deflect attention from their across the board failures as we head into the final stretch of an election?)

We have troops heading to ground zero in the current Ebola outbreak (and if anyone is infected – it is a guaranteed headline over several news cycles), we have an infected nurse here at home and a near-constant stream of news about folks here, there and everywhere being tested for the disease. We have children dead from enterovirus and in all of this, our government has shown no desire to shut down our borders and the entry of people from affected countries. When the statements of the CDC’s Dr. Frieden and NIH’s Dr. Fauci are examined vis-a-vis isolation, most sane people will conclude that they contain nothing but doublespeak.

But aside from the fact that every other news item has been swept off the radar, (think various scandals but importantly, Leon Panetta’s book revelations) the Democrats get to act all holier-than-thou by running an ad that actually charges the hapless Republicans of cutting NIH/CDC funding. If these people were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the people of this country, would they have politicized this serious matter with an ad that is an outright lie?

I think not but these are Democrats we are talking about here; idiotic, insane, irrational pied-pipers appealing to the emotions and fears of their followers.

Is it not entirely plausible then, that this is an October surprise and for which they are glad?

Obama’s a Death Panel to His Base (The Rest of Us Will Be Collateral Damage)

Two weeks after proclaiming that it was “unlikely” for Ebola to arrive in the US, President Obama was proven wrong. No doubt, prior to his statement at the CDC, the President was briefed by “experts” who had arrived at the “unlikely” “consensus” – see how well “consensus” works in science? One would think that the “unlikely” arrival of the virus would have been sufficient to trigger alarm bells for people whose business should be to protect Americans. Banning all but military and medical aid flights to and from the affected countries would have been the responsible thing to do. But no. Some where on the globe, John F’ing Kerry, for example, is likely insisting that our greatest threat is not ISIS/ISIL or terrorism, in general, not the spread of a highly contagious virus but the more nebulous and misunderstood phenomenon known as “climate change.”

Climate change, they say, will wipe us all out in what, 10, 15, 20 years? I have lost track; but their primary solution is a tax. When faced with the very real threat, right now, of an epidemic of biblical proportions, what is the response? It is not to prevent it to the degree possible, it is simply to manage it; apparently the same plan that was conceived for dealing with ISIS. Perhaps a plan to implement an “Ebola tax” is in the works.

So, let’s take a page out of the climate “diaper” changers playbook and examine the scenario of what would happen if (and I say “if” and not “when” hoping that it never happens) the disease arrives in a large city, typically a nest of Democrat voters. Take New York, for example, it would likely enter with a host via JFK International, incubate in one of the boroughs (probably Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx) and from there spread in rapid geometric progression via packed subways, buses, apartment and office buildings, schools, etc. The resulting chaos would be anything but manageable; overflowing hospitals staffed by only the most courageous, people with the infection mixed in with those who “think” they have it in waiting rooms and maybe FEMA officials in Hazmat suits leading others to some camp or oven some where. In this scenario, the people MOST likely to be immediately affected would be the poor and minorities – the typical Democrat party base and the charges of racism will once again be made by the very same people who right now preach that it’d be racist to ban flights from the affected countries. Incidentally, one has to wonder why airlines flying passengers from these countries – even indirectly, would expose their crew members (and the people who clean their planes) to possible contact with the Ebola virus; why have they, on their own, not stop these flights?

The very people then that Democrat party politicians claim to “help” and “fight” for would be, fatally so, at the mercy of the failure of their policies – the rest of us would be collaterally damaged, as always. The arrogance that pervades the political class of this country knows no bounds. Does anyone actually believe that the CDC and fedgov will contain the spread of Ebola if the scenario described above plays out? How did HIV, which is less contagious, spread? By its nature, governments are reactive and govern as Leon Panetta admits, “by crisis.” If nothing else, the potential crisis would prove, once and for all, that it is an utter and complete lie that the government is capable of managing anything. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take a catastrophe to make this happen.

Things are SO Bad 2.0

(1) The Obamas need a vacation from their vacation
(2) Harry Reid finally admitted to doing something wong
(3) Nancy Pelosi went in for another facelift but needed a Brazilian first
(4) People long for the days when Ferguson was the last name of some Duchess
(5) The Pope is calling for another Crusade
(6) The “hypocrite who’s full of sh*!” Warren Buffoon was outed as a capitalist
(7) Lois Lerner’s “lost” emails were found filed on IRS servers under the letters “F.U. C.O.N.SE.R.V.A.T.I.V.ES”
(8) The weasels of the Republican Party confessed to standing for nothing
(9) Just like a prostitute, David Gregory was paid to leave MTP
(10) Al Gore couldn’t take the ice bucket challenge because, he insists, there is no ice at the poles
(11) Hillary Clinton didn’t take the ice bucket challenge because, Bill says, she’s already frigid
(12) Because of the drought in California, Governor Moonbeam invited all illegal aliens to the state to contribute to the urine reservoir
(13) The Castro brothers are planning to invade Florida
(14) The French might actually start a fight against socialism
(15) Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri, wasted no time to declare, “if it took six bullets, then a racist cop did it”
(16) Low-information voters (Lofos) believe that ISIS and ISIL are the latest must-have and overpriced Apple products
(17) President Obama now believes ISIS/ISIL are the JV – jihadists’ values – team
(18) The NY Times refused to endorse an incumbent Democrat Governor
(19) Everyone now knows that, to jihadists, the renaissance was quite literally something that happened to other people
(20) Mitt Romney, helping to pimp Rep. Paul Ryan’s book, wears a t-shirt proclaiming, “I’m With Stupid” whenever they appear together


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